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To manage, cost optimizations, to digitalize (through a punch out eprocurement), to reduce indirect suppliers number and point of sales displays management for France and Europe. (more than 800 products)

Eproc Solution

  • Analysis of the products – reduction of 20% the number of references
Creation of an electronic catalog per country with EDI link  (punch out mode related to IBX I-Shop) 

  • Validation Work flow - Uniformization of the purchases – mutualisation of the selling prices whatever the ordered quantity 

  • Installation of a one shot solution
  • Access to our PRIMO software tool (suvi and control of online purchases)
  • Replenishment of the product (financed by EPROC) through algorithms

  • Monthly e-invoicing edition 


34% of savings (consumption and price) 

  • Number of indirect suppliers reducted by 80%

In study

Productions mutulisation and orders received by Europe