Air Liquide

World leader in industrial gases and health


To manage, optimize the costs, create an e-procurement catalog (punch out metod), to guarantee the printing lifetime (min of 7 years) of more than 1000 labels references for gaz bottles.

Eproc Solution

  • Audit and analysis - recovery and updating of files
  • Creation of a database and an electronic catalog adapted to files with link EDI mode punch out (cut) and updates in real time Validation
  • Workflow - Massification of purchases (screen printing)
  • Access to our PRIMO software tool (suvi and control of online purchases)
  • Inventory management (financed by Eproc Factory) with advice, analysis and re-approving algorithms)
  • Monthly e-invoicing


28 % of savings. Annual progress plan

  • Our general concept of solution was extended to AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare subsidiaries.

In study

Tests on new media and digital printing with UV protection (7 year warranty)